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Active Cherubs is an OFSTED registered child care provider.  Active Cherubs provides a safe high standard of care in a quality setting which allows your Active Cherub to flourish emotionally, socially, physically & academically all in a home-based environment.


Active Cherubs won't leave your little one sitting in a baby swing or parked in front of the television. They love challenging and engaging young minds and bodies, and you can expect to see results as your child grows and flourishes in their care. As your child grows, they'll read together daily and go on outings to museums, children's theaters, parks, libraries, and art galleries. Then, they'll incorporate the things they’ve seen on their adventures into projects by telling stories, painting pictures, creating science experiments, dressing up and putting on plays, singing and dancing...the list goes on.


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   Do you think day nurseries are too institutionalised

   Do you work non traditional hours

   Would you like lower ratios of care for your Active Cherub

   Perhaps you’d rather an Ofsted registered provider to care for your Active Cherub whilst you enjoy a   night out

   Do you like the notion of your Active Cherub being cared for in a ‘home from home’ environment

  Would you like to have more of an influence in what your Active Cherub is taught

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on, you just may enjoy what Active Cherubs is all about!


 Active Cherubs Childminding caters for children aged 10 months+.

Feel free to browse the site. If you’re eager to learn more, pick up the banana and give them a call, so your Active Cherubs can start having a ball!


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